Season’s Greetings from the Chair of the Faculty of Clinical Informatics

As the year draws to a close, I would particularly like to thank our two members of staff, Faculty Officers and Council, and Standing Committee Chairs and members, for all of their hard work in getting us to our present position. I would also like to thank the many Fellows who, throughout the year, have promoted the Faculty at conferences, meetings and through social media. I believe that collectively, we deserve to celebrate transforming the idea of a Faculty into reality.

Looking back to just over a year ago, the Shadow Board, with Maureen Baker at the helm, started the process of executing the plans to bring the Faculty into existence. Their many achievements include two members of staff being taken on; a ‘caucus’ of Founding Fellows being recruited; and a very productive inaugural Founding Fellows meeting, which was followed by the election of the Faculty’s first Council and Officers. By June of this year, the Shadow Board was able to hand over control of the Faculty to its Council and Officers and, since then, we have further expanded the Fellowship and set up Standing Committees to help continue our development.

Recently, we opened up for recruitment for the three categories of Associate, Member and Fellow, and had a very good response; it looks as if we should soon double our membership to more than 300. I think you’ll agree that a great deal was achieved in a short space of time and we are very grateful for the hard work carried out by the Shadow Board, former Executive team, and recruitment Assessment Panel, for making this possible. Overall, that is not a bad record for one year, but there is still much to do.

Looking ahead to next year, the Faculty is now set to transition from a body brimming with good ideas into an organisation that has the facilities to execute them, to the benefit of its members and further afield. The Faculty will be moving to become a legal entity, as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, in early 2019, which will unlock a few more doors; the imminent Core Competencies Project will open even more.

Along the way, sadly, we also have to say farewell to Kevin Hunt, who has guided us over the past year, and we will be seeking to find a new Business Manager to replace him in mid-2019. During 2019, we intend to start to provide support for Members’ and Fellows’ appraisals and revalidation, regardless of their professional background, and to work with other organisations, to commence the mapping of career structures and opportunities.

Over the next year, I expect the Faculty will go on to develop the necessary infrastructure to take on projects and to set up meetings, seminars and conferences, which will lead to developing revenue streams that will eventually make us self-sustaining. We have the ideas; the challenge will be to translate them into action. To succeed we will need all of the help that we can get, which we know will come from engaging with you, the members, and through collaborating with external bodies.

However, first it is Christmas time and we all deserve a break! On behalf of the Faculty of Clinical Informatics’ Council and Officers, I would like to wish everyone a very happy and restful Christmas and a prosperous, productive and successful New Year.

Dr John Williams FRCGP FFCI, Chair of the Faculty of Clinical Informatics