The Faculty draws a crowd during eHealth Week 2018

Business Manager, Kevin Hunt, drew a sizable crowd during the lunchtime session on day two of eHealth Week, when he delivered an update on recent progress and future plans for the Faculty. He was accompanied by Jonathan Kay (Vice Chair) and Nick Booth (Honorary Treasurer) in answering questions, with several other Founding Fellows also in attendance.

It was great to see a wide range of professionals present, including doctors, dentists, social care professionals, nurses and pharmacists (to our knowledge), which proves the important role the Faculty is playing in integrating clinical informaticians from different disciplines.

Several pertinent questions were asked by audience members and the clear enthusiasm demonstrated was very encouraging; the clear message was that there is a lot of interest and support for the Faculty in the wider health and social care community and the establishment of the Faculty has generated a lot of excitement. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank those who attended, and we look forward to welcoming some of them into the Faculty as Fellows in the near future or Members later in the year.